The bog oak has a chance for the third life nowadays. It has a noble mission to decorate our life and our dwellings, make us happy with its beauty, inspire us with its great history, give positive energy and calm us down reminding of the old times. The bog oak is used to make fashion jewellery, sculptures, joinery articles and many other things (photo). Since the bog oak cannot be destroyed by any wood pests, these pieces of art can make happy our descendants for hundreds and thousands of years in future and pass on our wisdom and love.

Over the years of working with the bog oak we have carried out a lot of tests, combined experience of old-timers which saved our forefathers’ secrets with modern scientific findings. As a result, we have learnt to dry the bog oak perfectly.

We do not use any chemicals when processing this valuable timber.

Among our clients are not only furniture-makers and parquet-floor layers, but also world-wide known sculptors and wooden jewellery makers, such as Vladimir Levestam from Yalta.

Articles made of wood from Levestam’s Jewellery Collection decorate prestigious art salons, shop windows of exclusive shops, fair show-rooms in many countries of the world.

Vladimir Levestam acknowledged our timber as one of the most interesting and the finest and of high quality that is used even for jewellery, and created his own collection.