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Bog oak

Автор: | 21 April 2011 | Отзывов (0)

“Hay” LTD specializes in extraction and processing of a bog oak.


This is a unique material for its beauty and quality. The wood of oak has been lying for hundreds years on the bottom of rivers or in the layers of the ground at the depth of 3-7m. There, being devoid of oxygen, tannin which remains in the wood react with the salts of iron. As a result oak acquires unique physical properties: color, firmness, longevity. A bog oak is extracting from the bottom of basin 6 – 14 metres deep (photo).


Considering the fact that all tree trunks are found in different conditions each timber acquire unique structure and color. Color spectrum of fumed oak is so various that it’s difficult to describe it. But the most typical shades are presented at this page.

An isotop age of bog oak suppling of us is numbering 1270 ± 50 years. This is confirming with sertificat of Laboratory of radiation monitoring of the Marzeev IHME AMS of Ukraine.

All wood of bog oak is passing a careful inspection to check quality from log to board.



“Hay” LTD

Chernigov, Ukraine

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